Spend time with an experienced bra fitter with measuring tape in hand in a fitting room identifying your accurate bra size?
No way!
A bra fitting procedure is not really something that I’d be confident with. Luckily, bra fitting experts have shared lots of key points to help you find your accurate bra size. Here’s how you can put those tips to work and find the perfect bra for you.


Exactly how I Found My Accurate Bra Size

I’m 37, and it wasn’t until this year that I lastly found my accurate bra size. Sure, I believed I had found it before. But I was completely wrong.

The problem was I basically didn’t know all of the key points regarding bra sizing and bra shopping.

So I decided to spend the past several months exploring and combining all of the perfect tips that I’ve seen, heard and read. And I’m excited to say that I have lastly found my accurate bra size! Following are the primary things you need to know in order to find the best bra fit for you.


The Right Way to Find Your Actual Bra Size

There are many breast shapes, breast sizes, and breast separation variations that no one bra and no one bra sizing technique may possibly address every single woman.

That’s why I’m so thankful for these bra fit tips. From a number of different bra experts, I’ve learned that.


Your bra straps will not drop if you’re wearing the right size bra

This was the number 1 reason behind me to find my accurate bra size. I actually gave up on wearing bras for a few years because I despised those dropping straps so much! Rather than, I’d use tanks with built in bras under many of my shirts. And when I absolutely had to wear a bra, I’d wear different Bra. (They fit well, but they’re not the most elegant.) Finally, I made the decision I needed something more feminine, so I bit the bullet and explored high and low to find a good-fitting bra. If your straps fall down, this means your bra band is riding up. Going to try to go down a band size and up a cup size. It’s worked for me!

Bra strap


You don’t want a side boob with bulges tossing out on your sides under your arms.

I found out this from watching the ladies on TV explain how bras fit. I don’t have any their company bras, but I trust the female company manager when she’s talking about the way she designed her bras for real ladies like you and me. And I also trust the woman show hosts who add their 2 cents about bra fit. The one of the things that kept popping up in their bra demos was the side boob that bulge and shows up under your arms once your boobs spill out the sides of your bra. A bra that’s too tight or too skinny can cause that unsightly bulge. Instead of spilling out under your arms, you want your breasts to be shifted up (lifted) and forward viewable from the front, not the sides. In my opinion, a thick bra band with higher sides entirely eliminated my side boob.


The bigger your bra size, the larger the bra straps, side, and bottom band should be.

Don’t worry a larger bra size and all of that material like I did. All of those extras are there to help out shape you in ways you never assumed possible or never even thought you needed. You will appreciate the results. Mostly, with the right bra, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the bra material ends and your skin begins which is a good thing. It’s just like a little bit of body shaping is built into a well-fitting bra.


It’s not about selecting the smallest size bra for your body.

It’s really about selecting the largest cup size that perfectly fit you in. And with larger cup sizes comes wider bands and wider straps too. At first, I didn’t know that a well-fitting bra needed so much material and would take up so much on my body. I had a hard time admitting to yourself that this larger than I thought undergarment was really responsible for making me look slimmer and trimmer and more in proportion to my body size.


There’s a particular way that you should put on a bra.

Use the scoop and swoop method. You should put your arms in the straps first, then lean forward and let your breasts fill the entire cups before securing the bra hold on your back. This way, everything is in its place. And your breasts appear cheerful and attractive, instead of shapeless or lopsided. I found out this from watching the Double Divas on TV. Those 2 ladies are brutally sincere with all ladies. I’ve realized lots of really neat bra tips from them!


Your bra should fit you tight.

The Double Divas say, “Get it tight. Get it right” simply because your bra shouldn’t fit loosely at all. If it’s too tight or even too small, you’ll see bulges from all sides. When your bra is the correct size, it will reverse those bulges. That’s why it needs to be a bit tight, but definitely not too much. That’s why a bra has 3 hooks because your bra stretching out with each wear, and with each cleaning. So you’re expected to start on the loosest of the 3 bra clasps in the middle of your back whenever you purchase a new bra. Then, every few months, as the bra stretches out a little bit, shift in and use the middle hook for a while. Finally, use the tightest hook until the bra no longer fits you properly.


The wire in an underwire bra must hit at your rib cage under your arm.

So if you press on the wire there, and it’s not reaching your ribs, then it’s too small. The Double Divas say that the wire should reach your rib cage directly around your breast. It shouldn’t poke your fleshy tissue. Here are the best underwire bra I really could find.


The band of your bra should be a middle between your elbow and your shoulder.

Bra fitting experts say if it’s above that, then your bra is far too small. If it’s below that, then your bra is too large. Important: Each time you go up a band size, you should go down a cup size.


Your breasts should fit entirely within the cup not spill out over the top.

If the girls are popping out of the top of a bra, it’s too small or it’s cut too low for the size of your breasts. The most awful thing, especially for full-on-top women, but also for small and medium busted women is to appear like you have a puffy marshmallow sitting above each breast when you’re wearing a bra. If you do, then go 1 cup size larger.


Back extra fat can be eliminated by selecting the most appropriate bra.

You don’t need to be a larger lady to have back fat. I had it until I found the right bra. Back fat is much clearer when you’re wearing the wrong size bra. Try heading down a band size and up a cup size. You want your bra band to fit comfortable and low around, the less fleshy part of your rib cage at the base of your bust line.


To make your bras stay longer, don’t wash them after every single wearing.

You really don’t need to clean them until after you’ve perspired in them. Especially in the winter season, I usually go a long time between washings.


All women should own a few different bra styles and bra colors.

The Double Divas say that every woman should own at least seven bras. This way, you can have them in a rotation and wear the right one with the right outfit. I now own eight. And they all fit fantastic!


Bonus Tips When Trying On Bras

Two of my ideal tips to find a bra that fits you perfectly

  1. When trying on bras, wear the tightest, thinnest shirt you own; one that shows every curve and every lump in the body. For me, it’s a reliable light colored skin tight shirt which has lots of give to it. I wouldn’t wear this shirt in public, but I’ve held onto it from my skinny days only for the purpose of trying on bras. If you usually wear the same shirt when trying on bras, so you’ll be able to compare apples to apples and see which bras fit best and which ones don’t. Believe me, you’ll notice every lump, bump, and bulge in this way.
  2. When you find the bra that fits you perfect, try the next big band size and the next smaller cup size. The probability is, that bra will fit nicely too. That’s because a bra cup size changes with its band size. It’s called the sister size. Bonus: now you have two different sizes to look for when you selected bra goes on sale. Or best of all when you happen to see one on the clearance rack! Getting 2 sizes to select from increases your odds of getting one on sale.

For the record, I found out that Lingerie Theory Collection fit me best.

I extremely like the Lingerie Theory bra collection. It’s the best in push up bras, wireless bras Underwire bras and strapless bras. All the bra is so well made and mostly fit with all kinds of body. You can really feel all the way around the cup itself, and barely even notice that there’s an underwire in there. I love it!

So there you go.

With every bra you try on, just use the above tips to find the very best fitting bra for you!

It took me a number of online bra shopping trips as well as to local stores before I lastly got it right. I always tried out the bras in the store first, but I returned 80% of those I brought home after trying them on at home while wearing my bra fitting shirt and also using a hand held mirror to see from all angles how well the bra fit.

Now that I do know my accurate bra size, I can frankly tell you I have never been happier to wear a bra! Seriously. Who really likes wearing bras, correct? I do finally.


When a bra fits you correctly:

  • You’ll like the way it makes your cleavage look.
  • You’ll like the way the straps stay in place all the time!
  • You’ll like the way your clothes look on.
  • You’ll like the way your body looks less lumpy than it used to when you were wearing the wrong bra.

Approximately 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Ill-fitting bras can cause neck, back, and shoulder pain, and can even cause calcifications which can turn into lumps.

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