Have you ever would like to look seductively sexy or enticingly demure for the special someone? Lingerie can really add a fresh experience in the bedroom that will be a huge boost to your confidence too! The key to making your lingerie comfortable and perfect for you is to include these 7 tips for selecting lingerie into your shopping habits!

  • Be familiar with YOUR SIZE

How to get exact bra measurements

Whenever you go to buy lingerie, there are some things to keep in mind so that nothing goes awry. The most effective tips for buying lingerie is always to know your size before you go to purchase your goods. It’s essential to get the accurate measurements that you may do at home with measuring tape, or check out guide on Bra which fit on your body size. You want to make sure everything matches nicely on your body (bust, hips, etc.), so you can avoid looking unusually frumpy, lumpy and embarrassed.


Initially, you might think, "I should be adventurous" when you want to purchase lingerie. But, if you wish to be the sexy that you are (or becomes!), sticking to stuff you realize would look amazing on you, is definitely the best option. So if you like leather and fishnets, go for it! And, if you don’t, that’s okay too. The simplest way to bring out who you really are is to be comfortable with yourself.

  • Discover YOUR BODY TYPE

One of the best tips for purchasing lingerie is to understand what looks great for your body type. In case you want to buy something to accentuate your figure, toned arms, or killer legs, finding out what makes you look like a superb model is the way to go. For example, if you’re pear-shaped, you would like to go for a corset or a bustier. A corset would accentuate your bust and helps be accurate your bottom half. I am sharing image below so you can know what is your body type.

bra size chart

  • WHAT’S YOUR Budget?

You definitely need to know how much you want to spend on your lingerie. The best idea would be to look around different stores, and online to get an estimate of the amount quality lingerie will run you. It’s also important to know what you can splurge on, and that which you can skimp on. You don’t want to be in love with an attractive set, and be unhappy when you will find too many zeros on the price tag.


What prompted this trip to have lingerie? Is it your anniversary? Is a birthday surprise for someone special? Or is it simply because you required a self-confidence pick-me up? No matter what the reason, a great tip for buying lingerie to come across something which better fit the event. If the event doesn’t call for show ending glam, don’t feel obligated to buy something in that category. Just remember, there are usually more possibilities to out glam yourself in the future!


how to take care of lingerie

It is extremely important to understand how to take care of your lingerie that you plan to buy. If you’re the type of person who puts all of your clothes into the wash without dividing, you need to careful of which type of lingerie you buy. Always read the labels to how it should be cleaned out. If it can only be hand-washed, or dry-cleaned, you need to be aware of that.


The best tips for purchasing lingerie is to stock up on all the basics. I don’t really know what I would do without my regular everyday undergarments. Having anything black, white, nude, etc. Undergarments are basically the start of your lingerie journey. You can always purchase accessories like a garter belt to spice it up later on!

I know it may look like scary to buy lingerie if you don’t know the very first thing about it. Hopefully, these tips have made it a little easier to get the little sex kitten — or whatever defines your style, in you! What are some of your keys to purchasing lingerie? Share in below comments. :)




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